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Reiki Healing Modality


Reiki, a Japanese form of touch therapy, which is a gentle touch energy healing style that channels healing energy through the laying on of hands. Reiki is a form of energy work used to relax, replenish and heal the body, mind & Soul.  A treatment can induce a sense of flowing radiance that moves through and around you. (Recipient is fully closed)

30 minutes  $50 ($80 Value)
60 minutes  $100  ($120 Value)

90 minutes  $150  ($180 Value)

Rock 'n Shake Therapy™

Rock ' N Shake Therapy™

This is a unique type of energy healing modality using Ki/Chi AKA Universal Life Force Energy to relax, calm, balance and heal individuals. Applying gentle rocking and shaking  motions and techniques to produce relaxation or stimulation. It is a soothing, loosening, calming energy  that targets the individual as a whole; Body, Mind & Soul. Thus encouraging transformation, self-healing, releasing of negative energies, releasing of stiffness and stress, relieving from pain and eliminating blockages and energy restrictions.  You will be impressed. (Recipient is fully clothed)

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10 minutes mini session $25
30 minutes  $75 ($100 value)

60 minutes  $120 ($160 value)

Package Deal 3  60min $310

Package Deal 6  60min $599

90 minutes  $180 ($240 value)

Package Deal 3   90min $490

Package Deal 6   90min $975

Chakra Imaging & Healing

Chakra Or Aura

Cleansing, Healing & Balancing 

Healing, Balancing & Cleansing  your energy wheels or centers will make you feel energized, balanced, relaxed, whole and healthy. Cleansing and balancing the chakra system is important to your  overall health. (recipient is fully closed) 

30 minutes  $50 ($80 Value)

60 minutes  $100 ($120 Value)

90 minutes  $150 ($180 Value)

Aura Imaging

Aura Imaging sessions using state of the art equipment and systems to capture your emotions and energy field and produce an extensive report and image pictures including free consultation.

Aura Imaging Session $100

($120 Value) including printed photo, 30+ page report (emailed), and Consultation

New Clients Promotion Rate $50

Distance Energy Healing - Beaming

Healing From a Distance Sessions/  & Over the Phone Healing Session/s and consultation.

30 minutes $50  ($80  Value)

60 minutes $100 ($120 Value)

90 minutes $150 ($180 Value)

Package Deals: Reiki, Distance & Chakra /Aura Healing sessions
3   60 min sessions $255
6   60 min sessions $540
3  90 min sessions $399

6  90 min sessions $799

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