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Create a Brighter Future

Time Line Coaching

Learn How to Create a Brighter Future using TimeLine Coaching - An NLP Technique and tool to program  your future events. You will learn What is Timeline, Anchoring technique, Resources states and how to create them, and learn how to implant them in your future and more...

1 Hour Class

Live Online Via Skype or In Person 


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Cost: $35

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Register -  Intro to NLP 

Introduction to NLP  

(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Personal Development Workshop

(One-Day Intensive Class)

Date: TBD

Time: 9 am - 5 pm

Cost: $350

Including Manual

& Cerfification of Completion

You will learn:

  •  What is NLP?
  •  NLP Communication Model
  •  Five Principles of Success 
  •  Creating Achievable Outcome
  •  Rapport
  •  Introduction to Submodalities
  •  Anchoring Basics & Exercises
  •  Strategies: Components & Types 

NLP Eye Accessing Cues

Learn how you are communicating with others and what you project to the world. 

Learn how you are communicating

with others and what you project to the world.  And learn how to communicate with others on a better level of understanding

You will learn: Eye Accessing Cues, Verbal language used for each accessing cues and much more..

Time: 2 hours

Live Online Via Skype or in Person

Cost: $95

DO You Know How Your Brain

Process Information?

 Reprogram Your Brain for Success!

Our brain have two “operating systems”. Conscious and Unconscious these two operating systems have different capacities when dealing with information. Research  shown that your conscious mind  can cope with 7- 9 bits of information per second.  Any more than that we start to get overwhelmed.

Learn the languages your brain understand: Sight,  Sound, Smell, Taste,  Touch  and  Self-Talk  or called auditory digital.

Time: TBD

Cost: TBD


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Life Coach

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