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ROCK ’N SHAKE THERAPY™  is considered a form of energy healing modality, spiritual healing, natural healing, intuitive healing and complementary and alternative medicine. Performed by using Ki/Chi/Prana energy, also known as, Universal Life Force Energy to balance, calm, relax and heal you (the receiver). Accomplished by intuitively applying gentle and rhythmic  motions and techniques to generate energy that produces soothing, loosening, stimulating and/or relaxation targeting your over all well-being; Body, mind, emotion & soul consciousness . Therefore encouraging healing,  stress releasing, total transformation, releasing of negative energies, cleansing, and eliminating energy limitations and blockages.  

ROCK ’N SHAKE THERAPY™ is a simple non-invasive healing system performed by the touch of the hands and the gentle motions of body muscles and parts using energy that works with your higher self, that will attain and promote wholeness of Body, Mind, Emotion & Soul or Spirit.


This unique type of bodywork reported to generate stimulation, relaxation and liberation from pain and stiffness and is great for stress release. During the session intuitive motions are provided as a continuous, slow and rhythmic actions tailored to your specific needs while you  are asked to breathe deeply, slowly and smoothly.

ROCK ’N SHAKE THERAPY™ is simple yet profoundly effective type of bodywork that has numerous benefits such as promoting muscle and mental relaxation, calming and soothing the nervous system, opening up joints, decreasing anxiety and pains, releasing negative  energies, eliminating energy blockages  and in generally help bring the body into balance. Thus promoting healing. Can be done while receiver is fully clothed.

"I was suffering from stiffness and pain in my knee. I was not able to do my work not even able to  walk or stand for long. My lovely wife bought  me a package deal of eight rock 'n shake energy sessions from Tina Matari as a gift for our anniversary. I started going to my sessions on a weekly bases and after my 6th session I stopped going because I was fully recovered and was able to stand and walk even play basket ball that I craved for a long time. All thanks to Tina, she is an amazing person who gives from the heart, she deeply care and her bed manners are wonderful, I highly recommend her"

John - Nurse and now owner of home nursing service

"My name is Kholoud, I was referred to Tina Matari by a friend who met Tina in a business conference. I was skeptical at first, then during my first session I notice a difference! While she was working on me I felt energy generating and waving all over my body and inside of me. I was tingling all over and I was pleasantly overwhelmed. She kept assuring me that its ok just breath deep and relax. She taught me how to breath deep and how to relax which I was not able to do before. The next session I started crying while she was working on me she whispered 'its okay let it go'. I felt as if something was lifted from above my chest and the heavy weight I used to feel over my shoulders was gone. She is an extraordinary person. She encouraged me, healed my pain and  released my negative emotions and feelings. I truly adore, respect and admire her as a person and  as a professional"

Kholoud - House wife