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Customer Testimonials

"I had the wonderful opportunity to have a Rock N' Shake Therapy session with Tina and was completely amazed by 1.) How quickly she intuitively worked on what needed healing and 2.) How energized and whole I felt afterwards. If you are looking to release trapped emotional pain that has manifested into physical pain or just looking for a rejuvenating modality to create balance, I highly suggest this gifted practitioner!"

Sarah - 2015

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. GLOBAL IMPROVED YOU - Body, Mind & Soul was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. I wont forget the first time I met with Tina Matari. She met me with a smile and caring look. She did not judge me or my situation at that time she was 100% with me listening and hearing what I am expressing. I was feeling so anxious and ashamed she made me feel at ease. Helped me overcome my issues. She is an amazing person, full of energy, very understanding, genuinely concerned about helping and healing people. I refer my friends and family to her, as I am sure she would take care of them the way she did with me. Keep up the good work!”

L.O - Restaurant Manager

"My sincere gratitude to you Tina. Your reiki healing treatments have been a very deeply rewarding process. After the first session I already felt lighter, calmer and clearer. The ongoing treatments have helped me to let go of so many issues and work through resolving many of my deepest concerns. I went back to school to work on my higher educations. I am a better person now thanks to you."

Carol - Student

"Tina has been advising me on several issues related to my personal and professional life, and her feedback has always been much needed and appreciated. Not only is she a great listener and an attentive communicator, but also a very organized counselor and always very focused with her practical advise and suggestions. She is a great life coach and is on top of her material and knows what she is doing. It was great meeting her at first and now it is wonderful having her as a friend!"
Fatma Assef - Professional Tutor  

"I was very stressed out from work and was experiencing terrible neck and chest pains. I went in for a healing session and was pleasantly surprised at the results. I walked out of the session room feeling lighter and with energy; I had forgotten what it was like to feel like that. I highly recommend it and most of all I recommend Tina. She is very professional and has a true passion for helping people. You will love it, is a great experience!"

Ivette - Business Owner

The level of service at IMPROVED YOU - Body, Mind & Soul is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of Tina Matari and her friendly, caring and welcoming personality and with her healing abilities. From my first session I felt a difference it was amazing. I keep recommending her to my friends, family, and people who I came in contact with. Thank you!”

A.M - Professional

"Dear Tina, as a student in the field of energy work, as an advanced pranic healer, healing touch level 4 practitioner, ARCH healer and integrative energy therapist, I must commend you on the intensive Reiki training. The information was taught in a concise and efficient manner. There was time for questions, practice and stories of your experiences as a practitioner. Your dedication to helping others reflects your loving kindness as a practitioner and showed through in your teaching as well. I highly recommend your Reiki training as a wonderful way to learn Reiki efficiently and quickly so that more and more people can come to learn and use this beautiful healing energy to help themselves and others as soon as possible. Best of luck in the future. Sincerely,"
Carol Wolf -  Deerfield, IL 
"Hi Tina, Thank you for the time you spent with me, giving of yourself and your experiences, it is greatly appreciated.  After my third attunement I was EXTREMELY energized.   I have had more energy overall these last few days.  If I were to share anything with your potential students it would be this:  Tina is a truly giving woman of herself and her knowledge.  She guides you into your own intuition and understanding of energy, how energy is available to us all. I felt as if she knew each of us personally and cares about each of us individually.  A very personable class, definitely not a "note taking" structure, really allowed me to open up and experience.  I would recommend her Reiki classes to anyone interested.  I took all three levels at one time, and I have retained the instructions and guidance given and believe that with practice, I will become an excellent practitioner one day.
Lots of love"
Gwen Turner- IL
"Dear Tina, Where do I begin? When I heard such nice things about you from Richard, I expected great things to take place in my Reiki training -- and I have not been disappointed. You truly have found your calling and your personality, teaching techniques and open forum gave the classroom an educational, comforting and yet playful atmosphere. Thank you and I truly believe that I was brought to the proper place and person for my final training. Blessings."
Donna Murray 
"We are so happy to have Tina teaching Reiki classes for Healing
Today. She clearly has a wonderful understanding of Reiki and presents
it well to her students. It is also clear that her healing work is her
life purpose and this greatly benefits everyone who comes into
contact. Several students have contacted me in gratitude for the
classes they took with Tina."
Richard Fiallo - Healing Today
"Tine always strikes me as a person with a beautiful energy, someone who is filled with life, love and energy. She is a great listener and a great mentor. I have had the lucky opportunity to be her friend"
Dr.Niveen El-saleh -Chiropractic Physician
"Tina is a very dedicated professional that can combine professionalism with a smile and true interest in you as a person. When working with her these traits have always been very evident." 
Daniele dell'Erba - Life Coach 

"I have known and worked with Tina for approximately 4 years.  What I admire most about her is her consistency.  She is consistently professional, energetic, ethical, hardworking, and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend Tina Matari."

Neil Coleman  - Mortgage Professional

"I’ve attended many trainings, workshops, group and one-on-one sessions over the years, however, my sessions with Tina have brought much deeper and more significant change which I am very grateful for. Tina challenged me, pushed me, motivated me, encouraged me, carefully listened to me, healed, balanced and released my overbearing negativity, tensions, stresses, pains and ultimately, it was very rewarding. My family and friends have remarked on the changes, and more importantly, I’ve felt within myself, a positive shift which has rippled outward, and returned to me in positive reinforcement from my surroundings." 

Renee - Wife and Mother of two beautiful children

"Tina Matari is a gifted and a remarkable healer. Tina used healing technique and tools that I consider are the most effective and efficient methods that I have experienced in alleviating physical and emotional pain and suffering. Not only she work on my healing in person but also taught me several techniques that I can use on my own. Thank you for helping me heal and thank you for your continuous encouragement and help."

Sara - Proud Single Mother

"Despite the short period which made me so lucky to meet Tina Matari, I felt that I'm standing in front of a treasure full of heart. As I've been overwhelmed with a charming spirit that took me away toward an endless space of warmth, depth, and a high altitude of an eternal shine. I'll remain proud, and honored to know Tina Matari and highly recommend her."

Dr. Fuad J. Ridha 

"What can I say about this wonderful, kind, caring and beautiful lady? Someone who always have the time for others. Someone with huge knowledge, experience, capability and ability to cure the incurable and solve the unsolvable. Someone who’s gifted with positive healing energy. Someone who posses a genuine beautiful caring soul, who listen and understand without judging or criticizing. I have worked with Tina for many years I always find the caring, giving, loving energy and the huge and amazing positive healing energy. Lady Tina the only way I can describe you is that you are the best of the best. keep it up!"

Dr. Mohamed Kadri

        Serving Northern Virginia: Alexandria, DC, Falls Church, Franconia, Lake Ridge, Lorton,                                   Occoquan, Springfield, Woodbridge and all are welcome.