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Weight Loss & Weight Management Coaching

Our Weight Loss & Weight Management programs are customized to each individual and uses the combination of Energy Healing and NLP Coaching methods and techniques to help you balance your energy, eliminate blockages, release stresses and negativity, boost self-confidence and self-esteem, "re-program" your brain and the way you think about things, help you change your behavior, cure bad habits and make healthy choices.

$900 Package of 6 

(@ $150 per Hr)

$1,160 Package of 8 

(save $40)

$1,680 Package of 12  

(save $120)

Time Line  Coaching Therapy for 

Weight Loss

Time Line Coaching Therapy shows how you relate to time and let you change how you remember your past experiences and  influence your future. Using NLP TIme Line therapy and techniques to help you lose unwanted fat and reach your weight goal. Time Line Coaching will help cure the root cause for your unhealthy eating habits and help you gain your power back reveal the healthier you. 

$585 package of 3 
(@195 per Hr)

$1,140 package of 6

(save $30)


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